20 Nostalgic Shows From Disney/Nickelodeon

This are shows worth remembering.
In no particular order, here go we with the shows that we watched growing up and  that marked our childhood;

Zeke and Luther

Lifelong buddies Zeke and Luther take their play seriously: The 15-year-olds are hell-bent on becoming world-famous skateboarders, and though that goal is far from being realized, if ever, the boys continue to dream big, and their focus is not sidetracked by skeptics and wipeouts.

Pair of Kings

Fraternal twins, Boomer and Brady discover they are the heirs to the throne of the Island of Kinkou, which will change their life dramatically.

Sam & Cat

Sam and Cat become roommates after Cat’s grandmother, Nona, moves into an old-age home. They start a babysitting service which leads to a series of misadventures in their lives.

The Thundermans

Max and Phoebe are the Thunderman twins who belong to a super cool family of superhumans. While Phoebe wants to use her abilities for good, Max is hell-bent on becoming a villain.

Lab Rats

When Leo moves into his stepfather’s high-tech house with his mother, he discovers three superhuman teenagers, Chase, Adam and Bree, who are living in a secret underground lab.


Tori Vega, a sixteen-year-old girl, finally gets a chance to prove herself and shine away from her sister’s shadow after she gets to attend a well-known high school of performing arts.

Wizards of Waverly Place

The Russo family own a restaurant and live in New York. However, the father is a wizard while the children are in training. The child who masters the powers shall be given the family wand.

Shake It Up

Best friends Rocky Blue and CeCe Jones fulfil their dream of becoming professional dancers when they get a chance to perform for a local television show.

Good Luck Charlie

When the Duncan family welcome their fourth child Charlotte, nicknamed Charlie, into the world, her big sister Teddy records their daily adventures as advice for when she starts growing up.


“Jessie” is your typical fish-out-of-water story. Jessie is a small-town teen who leaves her Texas roots to take a job as a nanny for the Ross family’s four precocious kids in New York. Heading the family are the parents: supermodel-turned-business mogul Christina and movie director Morgan. The oldest of the four children, teenager Emma, is the only biological child of the bunch. Her three brothers and sisters are all adopted — American adoptee Luke, Indian adoptee Ravi and African adoptee Zuri. While watching four kids can be challenging for a teenager, Jessie has help in the form of the family’s butler, Bertram, and the building’s 20-year-old doorman, Tony. Adding to Jessie’s challenging task is the family’s pet, a 7-foot Asian water monitor lizard.

The Suite Life On Deck

In this spinoff to `The Suite Life of Zack & Cody,’ siblings Zack and Cody Martin make new friends and get into fresh mischief after moving into their new home aboard the S.S. Tipton.

Austin & Ally

Austin Moon gains overnight success when he performs one of Ally Dawson’s songs. But their relationship is ridden with comical situations since both have opposing personalities.

Liv and Maddie

Maddie’s life turns chaotic when her twin sister Liv, a superstar, returns to high school. Matters get worse as their parents work for the same school.

Hannah Montana

Miley Stewart, an average teenage girl, lives a double life as a famous pop singer named Hannah Montana and constantly tries to conceal her true identity from the public.


Carly and her friend Sam audition for their school’s talent show while Freddy, a geek, records it and uploads it online. The recording becomes an internet rage and turns into the iCarly webcast.

Drake & Josh

Drake and Josh are step-brothers with different and opposite personalities. Now, they must learn to live under the same roof while they go through high school.

Big Time Rush

Take a look at the lives, struggles and sacrifices faced by four friends who form a boy band and leave their homes with an aim to make it big in the music industry.

That’s So Raven

Raven Baxter, an offbeat teenager, can foresee glimpses of the future. With the help of her friends, she tries to avert certain situations and ends up having hilarious misadventures.

K.C. Undercover

K.C. Undercover is an American comedy television series created by Corinne Marshall that aired on Disney Channel from January 18, 2015 to February 2, 2018. The series stars Zendaya as a teenager named K.C. who becomes a spy.

Gamer’s Guide to Pretty Much Everything

Charismatic Conor may just be a teenager, but he is already a professional in his chosen field known as “KidFury,” a professional video game player who takes the industry by storm. Things change, though, when a thumb injury brings his gaming career to a screeching halt, a setback that forces him out of the gaming circuit and into a public high school for the first time. While there, he meets three fellow gamers — Franklin, Wendell and Ashley — who team up with Conor to form the school’s first-ever gaming league. Working together, the foursome learns that making lasting friendships in the real world is more meaningful than getting high scores in the digital real.

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