FIFA 22 Official Gameplay Trailer Revealed with impressive Showcase

FIFA 22 was shown in all its greatness during the latest trailer of the game that was revealed today.

In the trailer, they gave us more information about FIFA 22 and what players can expect when they get their hands on a copy.

Ea’s FIFA’s slogan, “Powered by Football”, was the highlight of the latest trailer. EA went into detail about how they made HyperMotion technology possible, including the highly impressive “full-team authentic motion”.

Described as “the biggest animation Refresh in FIFA history”, the developers chose to use an 11v11 match with motion suits equipped to capture high-intensity footage. As a result, 4000 new animations have been added to the game, which means FIFA 22 will have a whole new feel for experienced gamers.

FIFA 22 | Official Gameplay Trailer

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