Huawei Mate 50 with Arc display and under-display selfie camera?

Huawei patents a futuristic smartphone with a super-curved display, side-touch functionality, and an under-display camera

According to Lets Go Digital, Huawei will unveil an Arc display with ultra-curved sides and support multiple touch functionalities and support volume control and other essential features. 

Image Credit: LetsgoDigital
Image Credit: LetsgoDigital

Apparently, Huawei has been sitting on this idea for quite some time. The patent was filed back in March 2019, and we saw a simplified version with the Mate 30 series, Instead of volume rockers, the phone had a double-tap on the side and that activated virtual controls of the sound.

Touch Controls

The sides of the screen are presented with touch controls. For example, virtual volume buttons are added. The patented device also has virtual trigger buttons, useful when gaming in landscape mode.

To get a better idea of how the smartphone would look a graphic designer that his youtube channel goes by the name of Technizo Concept in collaboration with Lets Go Digital has made a 3D render of the phone.

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