Listening to music in 8D

The 8D Music Effect

Jarico – Island (8D AUDIO) | Copyright Free Music
Photo by Alphacolor on Unsplashed

Note: Use Headphones

Its strange I never tried to listen to this effect on a music before, but I finely clicked on the video on YouTube to listen to the song today.

So for people who don’t know what 8D music is, let me tell you what it is.

The term 8D music, or 8D audio refers to the effect some producers are using in the post-production process. Essentially, the 8D audio sounds in created when an automated panning effect alternating from left to right is added to the final mix of the song

So the other question is: Is it dangerous ?

Based on my research: If you’re wondering if there are any side effects to listening to 8D audio, here’s your answer: No. You can safely listen to 8D music just as you can listen to any other sound 

this info was taken from

So basically meaning it as the same side effect as any audio format or effect if you listen to it for too long.

Now I what do I think about it:

Well for me: the effect makes it seam as if your listing it on two different audio output altering from the left to right in a perfect harmony as if the audio is moving literally from left to right.

I tried listing to some song on YouTube with this effect and they sounded really good actually.

And that’s my opinion on the matter, thanks for reading.

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