My Digital Art Progress

Not to long ago, I got in to digital art, below is my latest illustrations.

There’s a saying “Practice Makes perfect ” and it actually does.

Okay, so by that I mean, that it is possible to learn something or develop a skill if you practice enough, At first you don’t notice any thing and sometimes o feel like your not improving but, in actuality you are, trust.

When I got in to making digital art, my illustration where not how I wanted them to look line, the lines were really bad and then there’s the coloring, this was and still is the hardest part for me, but as continue to make more and more illustration I’m getting better at it.

Below are some of my oldest illustrations

So after some time of doing illustrations I did a redesign of the character a created, in the side by side gallery you can see the difference between the two

So as of the moment this is my progress so far in digital art.

Thanks for reading and feel free to checkout the art gallery or other posts

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