My Journey to knowledge: Chapter 1

 Learning how to program is actually harder then what I’ve initially predicted it to be, but it exceeded my expectation . As of now I am a second year student in Information of Technology (IT), I managed to finish most of the subjects with one of the best grades in class, but most importantly, I learned a lot during this period of studying in my first year of Uni.

Programming is a very interesting subject and also complicated to learn, as in, you can’t put all the codes in your head in an instant and its not a fast process like the movies make it seam but nevertheless it amazing and I love it.

My current skills is not much if a compare myself with other seniors but I can catch up to them, and that’s what I am planning on doing.

I know that comparing myself to someone that spent longer times learning these things, is kind of stupid but I do it for motivation, it keeps me running, focused and that’s exactly what I need to get to where I want to be.  

Thank you for reading.

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