My Journey to knowledge: Chapter 2

After trying to make things from scratch, I got no progress at all, and I know the problem is because I tried to make something big from the start, instead of doing something easy to start with and make my way up while also gaining experience and then try to do something on my own and creative.

My ideas and rush to do big and great things got the best of me, but the good thing is, I learned a lesson which I have forgotten, that is:

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven

Ecclesiastes 3:1

Don’t take the training wheels off until you feel and know its the appropriate time, but as I was watching YouTube videos and reading some books and articles, I got excited and big ideas came knocking on my door.

Outlining is like putting on training wheels. It gives me the courage to write, but we always go off the outline.

Hallie Ephron

Quickly, I tried to bring those ideas to life, but not knowing how to do so, I wasted a lot of time watching videos of advanced programming which by the way, I don’t understand. 

So, from now on I’ll take it easy learning bits by bits and not rushing it, well at least I’ll try to, because there’s an appropriate time for everything.

Thanks for reading.

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