My Journey to knowledge: Chapter 3

Its been sometime since I last posted or update this series and that’s due to the constant updates and tweaks I’m making to the website.

in this past week a lot happened, the most noticeable thing besides the change in themes, is the ads.

For the first time in my life, I finally got a website to be accepted by google adsense and that’s all thanks to my family.

I’ve tried running a blog alone, doing everything by myself and failed a lot, to the point of giving up a lot…

But this time was different, I had the help and support of my family.

As of the moment there’s only 3 writers in this website including myself, the other two are my brothers.

So far, although hard but we are being somewhat constant when it comes to updating the website and as a result of that we are making progress in developing this website.

So, I wanted to thank all of our Subscribers and and visitors for helping us get to this point.

Thank You and I hope you’ll keep tagging along on our Journey to knowledge.

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