Best Romantic Comedies on Netflix

Maybe some movies on the list might surprise you and others may shock you, anyways we bring to you this amazing list with some gems, we hope you appreciate them and may you enjoy them as we did. So here we go with the list: 10. Love, Guaranteed After 1,000 first dates, he’s still single. […]

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10 Comedy Anime To Watch Right Now

While some anime series take themselves too seriously, there’s a whole subgenre of comedy anime, and here are my favorites! 10-Barakamon The story follows Seishu Handa, a calligrapher who moves to the remote Goto Islands off the western coast of Kyushu, and his various interactions with the people of the island Trailer: 9-The Disastrous Life […]

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Top 10 Motivational Videos to Watch Today

Life for most of us is complicated and hard, which makes getting the energy that we need to do what we want even harder. So a thing that can solve that is Motivational video Be it a Quote, speech, or video, it sometimes can give us that push, that energy that we need to get […]

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